What is Daily Philosophy Talk? There are 3 words in the blog’s title, and each of them highlight a key concept that the blog aims to embody:


Let’s begin with the second – yes, second – concept: philosophy. This blog won’t spend all its time summarizing the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (even though that would be fun too!). Philosophy is, fundamentally, the love of learning. This learning isn’t something that is only accessible to the rugged scholar who reads ancient Greek texts at breakfast, translates Kant in the afternoon, and flirts with Mill and Singer in the evenings. No, this learning is for everyone. Every day, we encounter phenomena that hide in plain sight life’s important, compelling questions. These questions touch upon traditional (and non-traditional) philosophical concepts like metaphysics, morality, dialectic, and more. And – this is the best part – we can find and engage these questions for ourselves. Philosophy, then, isn’t just citing notable dead guys and getting published in journals; it is opening our eyes and critically examining everything we are used to passing by.

Next, the first concept: daily. Philosophy is meant to engage readers in a daily quest to dig beyond the surface and challenge comfortable perception. This meaningful activity loses its value, however, if it is only a whim taken by those feeling especially inspired for a moment. The goal of this blog is to facilitate living an examined life – every day. Philosophy is a practice – an art involving just as much eye-bending as painting, drawing, or sculpting. The philosopher must cultivate their own abilities. They must get grow their practice just as they would a relationship with a friend and life companion. Philosophy is a lifestyle, and it is most effective when lived. Hence, this blog will regularly pose some interesting questions, ideas, and opinions to induce philosophical living.

Finally, the last ingredient: talk. Being an everyday philosopher who truly desires to tap into dialogue on the biggest questions under society’s nose is not generally compatible with being a lone-wolf philosopher. Dialogue is crucial to productively analyzing ideas from and to others. Philosophy as a practice is one of the most intimate, private regions of the philosopher’s heart. But, philosophy as a subject is something that cannot exist and develop without brave philosophers who are willing to respectfully and constructively present their ideas and to make themselves vulnerable for the sake of sharing the love of knowledge with others – after all, it is what drives them to have these life-changing ideas in the first place! This blog encourages readers and contributors to engage in conversation with other readers and authors, and it supports expansion of the digital philosophical network.


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